Profiles in Leadership—Leadership Mirrors—March 12, 2017

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Gideon said to his men, “Look at me, and do what I do; as I do, so shall you do.” Judges 7:17

It is always a good thing to move a headquarters when its personnel begin to get so well dug in, that they become too much concerned with the conveniences of living. This causes them to grow away from the troops and away from the real problems of war. Crusade in Europe, Dwight Eisenhower.

What do we get from that? We live in a day of tarnished leaders, fallen heroes, busy parents becoming non-parents, coaches who do not coach, arrogant authority figures, egg-headed professors, and the like. What we need are mentor-leaders. Such are rare finds; but are available.

Three cheers for Gideon who knows how to lead, how to keep things moving forward, and how to remain flexible in a culture that always wants things the same for them. We need to keep our eye upon Gideon. We need to do what he asks of his troops. Do what the leader says; mimic the integrity, behavior, thinking, and commitment.

Note well the motley assortment of weapons Gideon possessed. A torch, a pitcher, and a trumpet. His warriors whom he was mentoring had a torch, a pitcher, and a trumpet. What is this leader all about? Well, one must be a following leader to gain the expertise of the leader.

What is the strategy? It is a God-driven strategy, biblical if you will, from the Leader that develops following leaders.

At midnight, rather than digging in where they were, they move out. They were ready to follow their leader, to move down the mountain into the Midianite camp. Torches were placed in pitchers; they burst the pitchers, and bright light penetrated the dark night. The Midianites were unprepared for the scene; they were exposed. They had no leadership for they came stumbling out of their tents. They did not know the strength of their enemy–they began to flee and to kill one another.

The cry of Gideon’s band was, “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!

Truth always makes rabble of fugitives from the stampede of confusion; heading to their own sure destruction. God always wins, and always chooses His leaders to follow after Him.

When your leader follows The Leader, there is always total victory for the following leaders.

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March 12, 2017

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