Dr. Larry S. Lightner

In your education environment, do you want to be better prepared for an upcoming accreditation review, do you need training for your present governance board, does your school administration need help to design strategies and help in casting vision? Does your professional teaching staff excel in instruction methodology and curriculum development, or do syncretic efforts not produce the intended ends for the education environment? Do you want more and better?

In your business environment, do you need help assembling workable mission, vision, and strategies; and a meaningful evaluation structure? Is your administrative team successful in meeting board stipulations? Do you desire better success in human capital management? Does your business deliver productively throughout the year through diverse use of assets?

LightEBC was formed to aid educators and business persons through provision of consultation services and advice for resources applicable for organizations and their projects. LightEBC also provides a blog in support of its mission and vision for educators, business persons, and other interested parties and organizations. Each provided service and resource referral intends to bring clients to success, and to provide methods for periodic self-evaluation to maintain success moving forward.