Those That Serve—If you are Taught, you Owe–May 7, 2017

Vol. 2, No. 19 – 2017time

Those who are taught . . .should help. Galatians 6:6

Leaders have the responsibility of developing following leaders. What the following leaders produce is directly related to the teaching and expectations of the leader.

There are times when the following leaders decide they want to take over, or at the very least have greater influence than their teacher-leader.

To do this, they often just add a little drop of poison to the water of influence. The result is death. The same result is achieved by half-truths. A half-truth is worse than a lie (although, in actuality it is a lie).

When God’s leader, Paul, began to teach in the Province of Galatia, he ran into some that originally sat under proper teaching, but now taught their own theologies (their own opinions). Paul called it “another Gospel.” Paul described their “leading.”

  1. They mixed their own theories with a little bit of truth
  2. They claimed their teaching was right “doctrine”
  3. They updated the presentation of the “stuff” in order to bring more to attend their teaching
  4. They majored in “hogwash”—called “baloney” in today’s terms
  5. They claimed to add the finishing touches to original teachings
  6. They moved people to succumb to their charisma, rather than give attention to the One True Leader

The result was that the followers were abandoning the purpose of their gathering; submitting to that which attracts and puts them in an atmosphere of good feelings. The Galatians were not only changing the real reason for gathering; they were changing the “religion” to match what they wanted and to be acceptable by the audience. They were abandoning the very grace of God.

Paul, God’s leader, shoots with both barrels, confronting them for their desertion of truth and principles. Eugene Peterson says, “This is no minor variation, you know; it is completely other, an alien message, a non-message, a lie.”

Following leaders need follow-up; they need to be accountable for what they teach and how they lead.

These egotists in Galatia were so enamored with their own charisma, ability and power, so self-sufficient, so caught up with secular philosophy and political correctness, they believed they could accomplish anything they wanted by themselves. Some following leaders are like that.

How do you follow-up with your following leaders? How do you hold them accountable?

One of our country’s “leaders” recently said, “What difference does it make!” when she was confronted about her responsibility. Actually, our responsibility as leaders makes a lot of difference in the outcomes that our leadership produces.

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