We Should Think about our Fishing

Vol. 3 No. 2 – 1-14-2018

We fished all night and caught nothing! Luke 5:1-11

Sometimes when I fish, I do not catch anything – nothing! Then I have to improvise. The fish in the picture is not real, but it is the closest thing I could find to appease my mind.

It was a beautiful summer morning along the seashore of Galilee. On the beach were hundreds of people and the Teacher, Jesus, was sitting in Peter’s boat (it was a floating pulpit!) about 20 yards out in the water.

As soon as Jesus’ message was concluded, Jesus as Boat Captain, asked Peter as a Deckhand: “Launch out into the deep water! Let’s go fishing together.”

Peter’s response? “Master, we are worn out. Our nets are only half-cleaned, and besides, fish do not bite with the sunrays so bright! Not only that, but we returned having fished all night and ended up empty . . . all night, Master!”

For a fisherman it was a failure to produce in your normal life’s work. Peter told a true fish story: “We caught nothing . . . zip . . . white-washed.”

“Nevertheless . . . even though we know the habits of the fish; we know the weather, the currents, the prevailing winds, the feeding grounds, and we have years of experience at night fishing” (Looking at Jesus, their thoughts were, “I know You and You are not a fisherman”), “yet at Your word, we will try once more.”

I wonder if God was thinking that His fishermen should have better ears, than eyes, minds, and egos. Fishing conditions may be unfavorable, but when God says “let’s go fishing,” we should lay down our nets, or bait our hooks with the gospel of truth.

This Carpenter tells the expert fisherman how to be successful. Peter is not in the least degree depressed by past failure in fishing.

Are you living in discouragement from past failure? Are you trying to forget a night when you toiled and caught nothing? Are you scared of a new, daring enterprise that seems “impossible” but for the fact of God’s calling: “Launch out?

“Full sails ahead. Dip those oars deep.” God is calling, and His calling is always an enabling one.
Jesus Christ can take our failures and turn them into success; He can take our fears and turn them into courage; He can take our prejudices/biases and melt them with His love; He can take us, when we are in full retreat from God, by laying a rescuing hand upon us. He can turn us around to face a task that frowned at us, and to bring us back to where God has always intended us to be!

I think of Jonah. He probably heard echoes from the belly of a whale long years after the event. God called and he ran . . . the other way! I think about me. Think on yourself for a moment!

Peter responded, “At Your Word we will!” Christ’s cross of Calvary assures Christ’s mission is for us, His love underlines it, and His promises in His Word, the Bible certifies it. –Paul S. Rees

They did catch an enormous amount of fish; such a great amount the nets began to tear. So, they called for help from like–minded people. They immediately came, and filled two boats with the catch.

How about our fishing expeditions? Are we catching enough men and women that we have to call for help in our efforts to disciple them? Or, do we use a small net and only have a few straggling fish to bring into God’s kingdom.

We should think about our fishing … maybe even pray!.

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