Let’s go to a Wedding!

Vol. 3 No. 8 – 2-25-2018

The wine supply ran out during the festivities. John 2:1-11

There was a wedding in Denver, Colorado for an only daughter – the affair cost dad in the neighborhood of $430,000. (My hand shook just keying that into this blog!) Included was a sit down dinner, with a full orchestra, 500 guests, and unhappily four open bars. The meal was $50,000. Flowers? Yes, $20,000, including 1500 long stem roses (a bargain for the quantity – but strangely not enough to give each guest one rose).

Our text speaks of another wedding; one that included a miracle. It was out in the country, in the rural community of Cana, Galilee, 8-miles north of Jesus’ home town, Nazareth. Jesus, five of His disciples, and Jesus’ mother, Mary, are there by invitation.

Perhaps it was as the strains of Lohengrin were played (certainly by the star band of that era (wonder if they used spotlights, color lights, vapor, and video backgrounds), that all eyes turn to see her. Nothing has changed, has it? Here comes the bride. This wedding is quite interesting; we know the principal characters of the account, but wait, we do not know the name of the bride. Strange! She is not mentioned. Maybe someone else was more important to the one recording the event; who is that Someone?

All of a sudden tragedy strikes (usually tragedies are sudden). Something always seems to happen at a wedding. I could write more than one book of my experiences at weddings.

The wedding ran out of wine (John 2:3). Eastern hospitality that included wine was an expected (sacred honor?). Running out of wine brought shame to the host and hostess; an insult to those present, and possibly social isolation for the bridal party. In extreme cases, a law suit ensued (yes, people were looking at everything with an intent to sue – even back in those days – bringing this event right to the door step of our generation).

The Son of God, Jesus, has the ability to adapt to the circumstances we face and meet the embarrassing emergency. The Creator of all things does not have to dig out His cell phone and call 911, or use Siri to find the nearest retail outlet for the required “spirits.”

For centuries, God provided (created) water, soil, vines, and sun to produce grapes that wine-dressers pressed into juice and in the words of a past T.V. ad: “We will serve no wine before it’s time!” What was a normal months’ long project was in Cana a mere few seconds’ effort by the Lord of the universe. What usually took labor, holding vats, and tools, now took only a look and a word of command:

Fill those six stone waterpots to the brim with water (2:7).

The employed master of the ceremony, perhaps a connoisseur of excellent vintage, took a sip. Can’t you hear him: “Young man, this is wonderful stuff! Usually the best of the house is served first, then when everyone is full and no longer cares, the bottom of the barrel is tapped. You have kept the very best for last. Congratulations for your wisdom.”

But it was much more than just about the wine.

John Wesley, 1703-1791, founder of the Methodist Church, was required as a student to write an essay on this miracle, something which transcends the operation of natural law, of water becoming wine at the Galilean wedding. Frustrated, mentally paralyzed, with time running out, finally he took his pen and with inspiration he wrote: “The water looked at Jesus and blushed.”

Without Jesus Christ, life is dull, stale, and flat. Parties and events are really a bust! However, when Jesus arrives, life becomes vivid, sparkling, and exciting.

Have you invited Jesus to your events?

Life begins when Jesus comes in!

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February 25, 2018

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