Created for Connection!

Vol. 6, No. 32 – August 8, 2021

Created for Connection!

Romans 12:6-21

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.  –Romans 12:6

God never intends to give us gifts so we can only sing solos. What He intends is for us to use our gifts is for connection with one another; that we might have right working friendships, right associations, and right relationships. While these kinds of connections bring us to a place with unique abilities, the uniqueness is not a reason for us to act independently of other believers. If we do not give due diligence to the Owner of our gifts, we will find ourselves becoming critical, less faithful, and lacking vision for what will honor our great God.

It is important for us to consider who we associate with. Have you ever known a backslider who first did not spend a considerable amount of time “hanging” with spiritually deficient people? Wrong associations bring out the worst in us, not the best. When our friendships bring opportunities to cause us doubt, fear, confusion, or criticism, we will want to examine the friendships we have and seek out the truths of Scripture we dearly need to function in this life.

When we grow in Christ our associations expand. Thus, we cannot ignore those needing changed through Christ; that reflects His expectation of us as we live in the world. Others in our relationships that push away from God’s truth are an interference to what God wants to do in their lives. These other kinds of friends are not reliable as God to help us climb our mountains; they may even think it is funny when we slip and fall. They might also contribute in chocking our dreams. Thus, the truth for us is that God does not cross our paths with others by accident.

“Friends” are suspect when they attempt to talk us out of pursuing what God is saying to us. Do not let someone else create your world for you, for when they do, they always make it too small –Edwin Cole. Who are we allowing to create our world? God created us to live in His truth, not the philosophers of the world system. Counsel from an unbeliever is dangerous; always compare that counsel with the Word of God. Be careful of discussing your problems of life with someone incapable of contributing God’s truth to the solution.

Life Application

Advice for our life: Follow no person further than they follow Jesus. Respect those whom God connects you; God cares for people most often through people. Romans 12:6-21 gives us great incite as well—we are to use our gifts for others, it is not a life of self-satisfaction. The observations of how our gifts connect brings great application to life:

  • Love with sincerity
  • Hate evil
  • Love one another
  • Give priority to others
  • Do not be sluggish in zeal
  • Be high in spirit
  • Serve the Lord
  • Rejoice in hope
  • Meet tribulation with strength
  • Pray persistently
  • Share; be benevolent
  • Be welcoming
  • Be blessing and a blessing
  • Be like-minded
  • Be respectful
  • Be at peace
  • Do not be revengeful
  • Be serving to others
  • Be humble
  • Love other’s souls well

When we apply biblical expectations in our relationships, we will often experience opportunities to share the truths of God with that person God introduces us to under His mercy, grace, and love. God wants us sufficiently connected so that others can experience Him.

Our connectedness to other believers is extremely important. The values in the body of Christ affect each of these points Paul makes. Be found connected!

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Written by Dr. Larry Lightner

August 8, 2021

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