Our Remembrance

Vol. 8-22 – 05-28-2023 – Our Remembrance

Discord, Division, Disgust

“You must remember, beloved, the predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ. They said to you, ‘In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions.’ It is these who cause divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit.” –Jude 17-19

I was a teen in the 1960s. Some of you lived through that season of life. In my heart, I intended to serve in the military (it was the Vietnam War era). I could not pass the physical due to my ears/ hearing difficulty.

This was a time of discord, division, and disgust. Young adults fled to Canada (Canada has never recovered from this influence of liberal-minded young men—to this day Canada shows the harm that came their way. The rich funneled many of their sons to relatives in foreign lands, not willing for their sons to serve their country.

Universities erupted, reflecting the unpatriotic philosophies of their teaching professors. That, too, has stayed an influence–a negative influence. Draft cards were burned (mostly on the beaches and in front of the D.C. government offices).

My family and my wife’s family were of patriotic persuasion. Donna’s father marched down the Rhine to Berlin in the WW-II era. Most of his brothers entered the military; one was buried in Belgium. One of Donna’s sister’s husbands served in Germany and in the Vietnam theatre.

One of my brothers flew a spy plane (a U-2). He was murdered while later serving in the CIA. Another brother served on the USS Coral Sea off Cambodia. Two of my sons served in the Iraq War. Both survived, they served our country.

Why the difference among many young adults?

In the first-century church, it was not uncommon to have divisions. It is also common in today’s city politics. Actually, discord, division, and disgust have been prevalent throughout history. The Scriptures divulge these kinds of events throughout. Not only is Jude’s writing (God’s speaking) appropriate for his time, but it is also appropriate for our time as well.

Those causing the three “d’s” in the church had a wicked combination of moral and doctrinal error. The moral issues were perverting marriage, abandoning children on the road, assumption of authority, corruption of financial control and support, non-reliance on the Holy Spirit, and self-concern. It also reflects the common difficulty of many churches today.

Take a look at the church today. Have men and women stayed biblical—or have they added their own preferences?

There is another issue—morality. In the early church sensuality invaded, and came along with the practices men and women were used to in the culture. The morals of marriage were not adhered to. Divorce was so prevalent that men were writing their own decrees. It was not uncommon to have homosexual activity.

Does that take place in the church today? Do men and women seek to have their own preferences installed in the church? Are they declaring they can do this, because, after all, they are an “advanced society”?

Jude describes all these ills because of grumblers, malcontents, following their own sinful desires; being loud-mouth boasters, and showing favoritism to gain advantages (Jude 16).

How does this get into the churches? It gets into the churches because there is little vetting as to who is welcomed as a member of the local church. It is becoming rare for a pastor to meet with people who want to become members; hear about their conversion experience, and how they understand God to be leading them to that particular local church.

Jude calls the trouble-makers “hidden reefs.”

I went fishing with my boss one time. He had a high-powered boat and revved it up in a lake that was known to have stumps below the water. He was, as they say, three sheets to the wind. I think he hit every stump in the lake. He did not really, but it seemed like it. It was only through the Lord’s protection that we survived.

You have to be careful with your friends, you may find them to be stump-huggers.

I find it interesting to hear believers complain about who is serving in positions of leadership in their cities, states, and the nation. It is amazing how some people respond to me when I ask the question if they voted in the last election. The most frequent answer is no. No! How does that speak to the three “d’s”?

Life Application

I wonder how many that have served in the military think ill toward folks who are not very patriotic? I suppose that my thinking is toward the military because of my family’s attitude toward being patriotic.

On this Memorial Day weekend, how far removed are you from the events of our history? How unaware are you of the cost that has been paid for your freedoms? Are you aware of our nation’s standing in the gap for other nations?

In a church that we were members of, one of our LifeGroup grandpas had a grandson that jumped to cover a grenade so that his fellow soldiers would not be injured. It cost him his life. His action was instantaneous. His outcome is eternal. His country benefited from his patriotic action.

How we care about that speaks to where our heart rests.

Take time today to pray for families that have lost loved ones in serving our nation.

Remember . . .

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Written by Dr. Larry Lightner

May 28, 2023

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