Challenging the Authority of God

Vol. 8-45 – 11-05-23 – Challenging the Authority of God

Challenging the Authority of God

The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, yet the world did not know Him. He came to His own, and His own people did not receive Him. But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God, who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. –John 1:9-13

We are constantly barraged by the Hollywood elites (not all are elite). They have high opinions of themselves, and actually think they can accomplish anything. And that others should listen to their “wisdom,” celebrate their philosophies, their political expertise, respect their wealth, and ignore their violations of law—the laws are for the little people. They are simply not who they think they are.

They often portend to stand in the place of God. Those who would admit that God exists. God is older than Father Time and wears gaudy clothes. How can God have authority over humans?

Confronting God’s authority goes back, historically, to the Garden of Eden. Eve violated God’s authority. She was “her own person”. God could not tell her what to do, she thought. Adam, her husband, could not tell her what to do either. He was just the mate. Yet, he was indeed responsible to God for her care. That doesn’t fit well with the culture or Hollywood.

When God sent His Son, Jesus, the Christ, to earth to rescue humankind, He was not accepted on that day either. Throughout His earthly life, Jesus was rebuffed and denied as God. Yet He continued to display His authority. He continued to invite others to follow after Him.

Israel had waited for the Messiah, but they did not want the kind of Messiah that Jesus is. Jesus spoke of how He would face the onslaught of evil religionists. In one parable, shortly before He died at the hands of Jewish leaders, Jesus pictured the upcoming crucifixion:

A man planted a vineyard and put a fence around it and dug a pit for the winepress and built a tower, and leased it to tenants and went into another country. When the season came, he sent a servant to the tenants to get from them some of the fruit of the vineyard. They took him and beat him and sent him away empty-handed. The parable went on to describe the number of times the owner attempted to get the tenants to do right. The tenants even killed some. He had still one other, a beloved son. Finally, he sent him to them, saying “They will respect my son.” But those tenants said to one another, “This is the heir. Come, let us kill him, and the inheritance will be ours. And they took him and killed him and threw him out of the vineyard. What will the owner of the vineyard do? He will come and destroy the tenants and give the vineyard to others.

Have you not read this Scripture:

The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; this was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?

And they were seeking to arrest Him but feared the people, for they perceived that He had told the parable against them. So, they left Him and went away. –Mark 12:1-12

When someone, or a group, intends to not come under the authority of God, they use any reason to reject His authority. Where do we see the rejection of God’s authority today? (Give a pause to think about that–a Selah.) We read the Scriptures and think of these leaders as presumptuous. How can they treat the King of kings that way?

So, we cast dispersion toward our political leaders. But who puts or allows them there? Gives them authority? We are the ones who vote, or do we even vote? One statistic I read indicated that on average less than 40% of members in the church vote. We cast dispersion toward our extended families. Did not ask for them, claim we are not accountable to them; that they have no say over us! That is the attitude. Do not read that book to me, I do not want to hear about your God! That is the voice of a child that not only wants to reject you, but does he/she even want to come under God’s authority?

The truth is that one can think they are not subject to God’s authority, so they are free to do whatever they desire, but they are not. What they do is suppress the truth.

Read the writing of Paul in Romans 1:18-32 (God is the author):

  • The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness
  • By their unrighteousness, they suppress the truth [no one can change what God has said, it remains true]
  • What can be known about God is plain to them—they have been shown the truth
  • God’s attributes, power, and divine nature are clearly perceived
  • So, they are without excuse
  • They knew God but did not honor Him
  • They became futile in their thinking
  • Their foolish hearts are darkened
  • Claiming to be wise, they became fools
  • They became idol worshipers [primarily of themselves]
  • Thus, God gives them over to their lusts [so that they may learn and respond correctly]
  • They exchanged the truth for a lie
  • They think because everyone they know thinks the same way, it must be right
  • Not

When one reads the Scriptures, except for prophecy, the Scriptures relates to the continuous present. Now. Thus, now is the time for action. One cannot successfully replace God. God will continue His authority. Yet He offers the freedom of choice.

Do you know anyone who is struggling with their choices? Help them to discover God’s love, grace, and mercy.

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Written by Dr. Larry Lightner

November 5, 2023

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