Mid-Month Blog—Leader Alone—November 15, 2016

Vol. 1, No. 11M – 20161 Kings 18

How long are you going to waver between two opinions? 1 Kings 18:21

I heard an illustration used by a pastor regarding the feeling of being alone:

Imagine, if you will, being on the home court of the Cleveland Cavaliers, surrounded by 35,000 vibrant fans, all dresses in wine and gold. You are expected to play the “Cavs.” However, there is a problem. You are by yourself; and they have strength in their bench as well.

When the announcer gives the list of starters, your team list is short—one, you. The announcer asks the audience supporting the visiting team to stand and clap—no one does. It is simply silence—dead silence.

Elijah felt the rumble of the feet of the opposing “team.”

Mount Carmel, the arena, is an intimidating place for a lonely prophet (leadership often has that feeling). The confrontation ensues, and the environment is heated and strong.

  1. Elijah is seen as a “trouble-maker”—many leaders are seen that way
  2. Elijah goes against the politically correct flow—however, even dead fish go with the flow
  3. Elijah did not read the opinion polls—however, most opinion polls are fraudulent
  4. Elijah is blamed for the problems of the day—but then, the Christians seem to hold that mark
  5. Elijah faces horrendous odds, 850:1—but then God’s people have always faced large opposition
  6. Elijah fights for the soul of the nation—but the nation wants man’s hope and change
  7. Elijah challenges the people—but the nations media attempts to drown him out

Elijah, the leader chosen by God, shouts out: Stop wavering—pick—then follow! Elijah, the leader, gives the people a shove—get off the fence!

Leaders God is willing to use confront all odds. They appeal to the power of the One they serve.

Our nation, businesses, and institutions are all looking for a few good leaders; leaders who will commit to follow the One who has integrity, righteousness, justice, and absolute truth before all others.

Who are you committed to, first of all? Leaders develop following leaders—they will mimic the life you model.

We are Christ’s ambassadors, and God is using us to speak to you. We urge you, as though Christ himself were here pleading with you. Be reconciled to God! 2 Corinthians 5:20

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Written by Dr. Larry Lightner

November 15, 2016

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