Headlines – Mark 8:22

Vol. 2, No. 46 – 11-12-2017

And they brought a blind man to Him, and entreated Him to touch him. Mark 8:22b

On our trip to India we, my wife Donna and I, were saddened to see children suffering diseases that are distressing and physically debilitating (and treatable). When you have children of your own, it is hard on the heart to see others having suffering children.

We live in a country in which there is not a significant number of people suffering in the way of the people who live in the Mid-east or in the Asian countries. On our Asian mission trip, we observed blind children; eyes fly-covered. Blindness is a bane of that part of the world. What seems almost worse is that people in the culture do not even seem to care. Heartbreaking! These afflicted by blindness do not even know if they are clean; sores are prevalent (lice, skin rash, blisters, boils, leprosy, and more).

It is sad that people from far away countries need to come; to minister to the needs of the people, while natives themselves are blind to the needs.

Jesus heals the blind man. He asks if he sees anything. The response: “I see men, for I am seeing them like trees, walking about” (8:24).  No one seems to doubt the miracle, yet division and discord follow. That is almost unbelievable, except we all have experienced this reaction to the work of God in our own history.

What is the question in the division and discord? Not “what did He do?” The question was “how did He do it?”

Jesus had used spittle and He laid His hand on the blind man’s eyes—and He spoke. There were three camps arguing about the event (the favorite pastime of “know it all’s”). Who would have guessed? The groups:

  1. Spitites
  2. Handtites
  3. Mouthites

It was like a lot of leadership and church splits—grab hold of a view and do not pass “Go,” do not collect “$200,” just argue. It also reflects the arguments of political parties. The arguments too often are not truth-based, but opinioned-based. Soon there is an infinite variety of opinions, and an infinite number of misguided people.

The real issue is that people need to understand from the actions of Jesus; that He is unchangeable (immutable). He can choose to be powerful by spit, touch, or speaking (or a host of other methods). The issue is to recognize that Jesus, the genuine leader, can do what man cannot accomplish—all to His glory.

But humankind would rather argue than recognize the Almighty God. And, because of that non-recognition, people of the earth are blinded to truth, harmed by opinion, and people of the earth could care less about others.

Could we, as we begin journeying toward still another year, be challenged to look at others crossing our paths; God never crosses our paths with someone by accident. Will our next days bring change to how we function in our living for God? Believers need to come together in projecting the truth of God’s Word so that others’ lives may change. Unfortunately, we are too busy with fads, programs, and, in addition, we are focused on entertainers in the church instead of worshiping our Almighty God.


Who we believe unites us; what we believe by way of opinion can potentially divide us. If it is not principled in the Scriptures, it is not reliable.

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Written by Dr. Larry Lightner

November 12, 2017

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