Tell them hi!

Vol. 3, No. 52

Tell Pricilla and Aquila ‘hello’ –Romans 16:3-5

A young American was killed in Europe. The year was 1884. His parents wanted to establish a memorial for their son and met with Dr. Charles Eliot, President of Harvard University. Looking at the poor appearing country couple, he suggested some insignificant scholarship. The couple left his office downcast.

A year later, Charles Eliot learned that the couple he turned away donated $26,000,000 ($26 million) toward the establishment of a fund named for their son; thus, Leland Stanford Jr. University, in Palo Alto, California began.

Paul advanced the Gospel and made it a standard of operation to enlist others to partner with him. Paul did not seem to be captured by first appearances. After all, he was not a knockout handsome dude (at least we do not think so).

35 individuals (10 of whom are women), and several couples are mentioned as partners for promotion of the Gospel. Among the couples, we find Pricilla and Aquila. I wonder if they had nicknames – “Cill” and “Quil.” Sorry, just could not resist that.

The interesting thing about this couple appears to be hearts that beat as one . . . not two or a duo, but a one in the Lord. They did not pull in opposite directions; no contention over travel plans or advancing the Gospel, and no separate goals. They were one in marriage, and one in Christ.
They were one in their faith and testimony. One in their occupation of making tents. In the first century, soldiers did not hold themselves fashionably equipped without a personal tent from Ephesus made from the best hairs, wove together by Priscilla and Aquila (perhaps in their business, called Tents by the Shaggy Goat).

This couple was noted as business people, not paid Christian workers. They made some money, but it was so that they might spend it in God’s ministry. Their job was making tents, but their work was promoting the Gospel.

Paul lists four honors he bestows upon Priscilla and Aquila:

  1. They were helpers in the cause of Christ;
  2. They risked their lives for their beloved friend;
  3. They were mentioned in church body-life in Rome, Corinth, and Ephesus; and
  4. They pushed aside the work tables of their trade to have “church” in their home.

This couple, not so well-known by the unchurched, made tents so that a tabernacle for their Lord could be constructed and be occupied with those they led to Christ through promotion of the Gospel.
Some choose to advance the Gospel; some choose to back off.

Our choice can help a person come to Christ or to choose to reject Christ. It matters not what your name is; what matters is your investment. Not many have $26 million, but every believer has the message of the Gospel.

What are you doing with the message of the Gospel?

A thought from Paul Tripp . . . Come Let Us Adore Him

The baby in the manger came as a conquering King to dethrone us, and then to enthrone Himself in our hearts and lives forever and ever.

If you have children or are around children, you know that you are in relationship with little self-anointed, self-sovereigns, who think that the only authority they need in their lives is their own. We have all dealt with battles with our young children.

[However], why do you get angry in traffic or irritated when someone disagrees with you? It is not just your children that battle for kingdom authority—you do too. Life this side of eternity is one big and unending war of kingdoms.

Jesus had to rescue us from our bondage to our little kingdoms of one and usher us into His kingdom of loving authority and forgiving grace. He came to destroy our self-oriented kingdoms and dethrone us as Kings [and queens] over our own lives. In violent grace He works to destroy every last shred of our allegiance to self-rule, and in rescuing grace He lovingly sets up His righteous rule in our hearts.

The baby in the manger came to be King.

O Come Let Us Adore Him!

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Written by Dr. Larry Lightner

December 30, 2018

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