“Why” Reprise

Vol. 7, No. 01 – January 9, 2022

Some stunning stances:

  1. The reason many church people do not ask “why” is because they already know “why”
  2. Often many church people have degrees in knowing truth/apologetics
  3. Asking “why” is to doubt in some circles; therefore, not acceptable
  4. Church goers are good at politically correct answers

Did you know that Jesus has all the answers that we need? When we ask “why,” there is nothing that He cannot answer. Of course, it is true that the Scriptures are full of answers. Would it not be a good idea for us to use the question “why” more often?

Where are we going for our answers?

Donna and I do not have cable or an antenna, so our TV is one of those Roku thingies, we plug music into the system and listen to a lot of great music. One of our sons bought Bose speaker systems for our home, so we even have excellent sound.

It is easier to hear the words. We have found that some of the great music is accompanied by words that have incorrect theology—when comparing the words to the Scriptures. The songs often purport to have answers for all our troubles. So, we find ourselves being very selective in what we put into the memory of our Roku thingy.

I also get a catalog, sometimes more than once a month, of “Christian” books. Do you read the Preface in the books you buy? Why not? Authors are good at exposing what they believe in the Preface. You better believe that what they believe finds its way into the text of the book. It is that way with the books I write as well. Always good to read the Preface.

Be careful to know the foundations of the author of the books you buy.

Do you like seminars? Have you ever been disappointed at a time following the seminar you attended to find the person you heard speak, comes into difficulty because of the practice of life that they live? Why do we not take more care in who we listen to? That money paid for the seminar could be used in missions for unreached people groups. They need Christ.

Have you noticed the increasing counter space and catalog space for counseling, psychology, “healthy” eating, and the great self-help books—all by a plethora of authors recommended by Hollywood personalities? The space allowed for such books far exceeds the space given for Bibles—and the Bible has better answers. Thus, the difficulty is that believers are hard to tell apart from the pagans of the world regarding what they read.

Why does this occur? Read the Scriptures, the answers are there.

My mom was a great questioner. I personally experienced her why questions. Are you aware of how many books in the Scriptures have why questions? Use one of those legal pads I suggested to write down the why questions in Jonah and Job—plan to use both sides of the paper to save yourself some Shekels.

Life Application

Another thing we ought to observe as we read through the Bible this year is how often God answers our questions with a question of His own. Sort of gives us our “come-uppin’s.”  I promise you lessons in humility, experiences of being speechless, and getting a great biblical education.

See, it does matter to God that we get a true answer. Some of those books and music out there just want us to feel better. Watch what you watch. Hear what you listen to. Critically read and critically think about the written stuff you put in your heart.

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Written by mlightner@lightcreations.com

January 9, 2022

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