Vol. 7, No. 04 – January 30, 2022

He was manifested in the flesh, vindicated by the Spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed among the nations, believed on in the world, taken up in glory –1Timothy 3:16

That verse cannot help but cause us to imagine.

Some say I have a great imagination. Sometimes my imagination flows over into my dreaming. You would think that at my age (the exact number is personal), that my dreaming would be in black and white. However, as I write these blogs, I will often dream in full color. Sometimes, though, my dreams take me back in years. You ask, how far back?

Well, last week I was dreaming I was in my ’51 Plymouth and passed a series of signs. Free, Free. A Trip to Mars. For 500 Burma Shave Jars. Now that I imagine that, can you imagine the size of the pile of jars? Do you have to turn them in? Why not just the lids? And about this Mars thing. In 1951, people thought it would be a real miracle just to go to the moon. Was Jackie Gleason wanting to go to the moon?

Sometimes people’s faces pop up in my dreams. I do not always recognize them. However, when they cross my path, I think I have met them before. Actually, I have; they were in my dreams. I do not think this is uncommon. After all, our Savior is interested in whom we meet. He is always chasing them with His grace. So, Jesus uses us to utter His Words so that the one who crosses our path can hear about Him, and perhaps choose to follow Jesus.

So, these certain faces stick out in your journey. They make it into your dreams. I have found that this event comes more often the closer I walk with Christ. When it happens, I begin to imagine how that meeting will go. It will not be a happenstance meeting, for there are no accidents with God.

Do you take notice of signs along the road? What about signs that people wear? The ones on t-shirts or hoodies. The young folks wear these tops. They wear them with jeans that are full of holes because, at the price of the tops, they could not replace the worn-out jeans. Just sayin’. Have you ever read those t-shirts and hoodies and imagined what people thought?

Imagine for a moment. What about the young person that wears a hoodie emblazoned with Chose Him! or I found It! What does that mean to an unsaved person? What do they think? Does it mean that the young lady has all these suitors and needs to choose a certain one? Did someone lose their diamond engagement ring, and then find it under the dishwasher? Do the young people anticipate that someone is going to stop them in their tracks to ask about their t-shirt or hoodie?

Imagine all the responses. Most of the responses are inward; the questions are not asked. Far better for a person to introduce themselves and use the opportunity God gives them to begin a conversation that helps them meet their greatest need. Remember Jesus has already been chasing them with His grace and mercy. Too often we make it about us leading a person to Christ when He has already laid the groundwork.

Life Application

The faces in your dreams are there for a purpose. Every created person is important to God. He desires for them to return to Him. It is just like God to allow us to be part of His plan. It is a privilege. In fact, we are told that the angels marvel at God’s plan and shout their Hallelujahs every time one enters into the Kingdom of God.

Keep your eyes upon the faces of those who cross your path. Pop up in your dream. There are no accidents in God’s economy.

God is not beyond tripping us to gain our attention toward the one who needs Christ. Imagine that!

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January 30, 2022

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